• Employees Motivation

    The company management is keen to motivate its Human Capital through giving them the opportunity to grow and getting higher positions based on their performance & qualifications.

  • Investing in People

    Egyptian Cement conducts a wide range of training & development programs through in-house and public courses.

  • Succession Planning

    As part of HR strategic role, we are preparing a second & third lines in all sectors to be ready to take the responsibility at any time.

  • Compensation and Benefits

    Egyptian Cement provides a very competitive Compensation & Benefit scheme to attract, retain and satisfy its workforce during their work with the company.

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We value the qualifications, skills, and knowledge of all our employees and we're committed to their success. We hire top-caliber candidates through a rigorous process, and when they join we strengthen their talents, and offer rewarding career paths.
Our goal is a pool of talented, well-trained staff with an understanding of diverse industries, expertise across products, and strong relationship skills.

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