Who We Are

Who We Are

About Egyptian Cement.

Egyptian cement is a national company newly emerging in cement and construction material industry , producing the best quality of cement products through its new and first greenfield cement plant located in Suhag governorate.

We offer everything from fast delivery to technical support and even exporting services.

With over 1,000 Employees, Egyptian Cement plant aims to produce 7,000 tons of clinker on a daily basis equivalent to 2 million tons per year of gray cement.

We always aim to offer our clients the highest quality, dedication and expertise that they need. Egyptian your right choice.

Message From Chairman Ahmed Abou Hashima

Message From

Chairman Ahmed Abou Hashima

Four years ago, the Egyptian Cement Factory was a dream, and the dream was not only a cement factory, but the largest complex of construction industries in the region. The Egyptian Cement Factory will provide a very large direct and indirect labor in Upper Egypt, especially Sohag, which lacked heavy factories of this size.

The nominal goal of Egyptian Cement is to contribute with the Egyptian state to the development of Upper Egypt and open new horizons for export from the south of the valley to Africa and neighboring countries, allowing the strengthening of the Egyptian economy and making Upper Egypt a gateway to development in the future by taking advantage of Upper Egypt’s potential and untapped wealth. This has been my complete belief for many years. its environmental and human potential.

The Egyptian Cement Factory, its location was chosen through multiple studies on an area of one million square meters due to the abundance of the best raw materials in that region and in the world, allowing Egyptian cement to be the best in product quality locally and globally to keep pace with the construction situation and the unprecedented development carried out by the Egyptian state with a strategic product that is an addition We support our people in Upper Egypt and the Egyptian economy, which is achieving unprecedented leaps in its performance.