EC Cement Plant

EC Cement Plant

Suhag Governorate , Industrial Zone West Gehina , Assiut- Suhag Western Road.

Egyptian Cement greenfield plant is located at Suhag Governorate, about 400 KM south Cairo. It is the newest Cement Plant in Egypt and the region established on area around one million m2 and equipped with the latest technology. the production line using the dry process method with capacity 6000 TPD clinker, however the plant designed to reach a maximum capacity of 6500 TPD clinker.


The Plant currently using a fuel mix of Coal and HFO. Electricity required for operating plant equipment is supplied from the national grid through 13 KM OHTL-66 KV connecting Tema sub-station with EC main substation located inside the plant.


The main material of limestone extracted from the quarry area located very near at the western side of the plant and Clay extracted and supplied from other areas and then transported by trucks to the MIX crusher. the crushed mixture transported through belt conveyer to the MIX pre-blending covered stockyard inside the plant.

There are five functional areas inside the plant; the raw material storage area, the area for cement clinker production, final products storage and dispatch, assistant production establishment area and Housing area.

The production process consists of limestone and clay crushing and transportation, Mix pre-blending system, Additive and corrective crushing and transportation, Raw material regulation and transportation, Raw material grinding, Raw meal Silo, clinker burning system, Clinker Storage and Transportation, cement dosing, Cement grinding system, Cement Silos, Cement packing and dispatching section. In addition to HFO handling, storage and transport, Coal storage & conveying, Coal Grinding.

Clinker burning system is composed of a rotary kiln, a double-string five-stage cyclone pre-heater and a pre-calciner of CDC type , and the latest generation grate cooler for clinker cooling, and a by-pass system.

Auxiliaries and facilities required to support the operational and commercial processes are established inside the plant such as central control room, laboratory, water treatment plant, compressed air unit, weigh bridges, ….etc. , in addition to the administration and housing buildings and sports area.

Most of Equipment are manufactured and supplied by reputable companies from Europe and china. Such for example Vertical mills , Grate cooler , burners and Mix Crusher are of well Known European Brands.

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    , Sokhna old desert Road, Cairo Egypt
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